One of the primary missions of universities is to provide education services. In addition to this, universities produce knowledge and disseminate it to mankind. With the knowledge produced, the universities lead the society by guiding the course of humanity and by offering solutions with an academic stand towards the events and issues.

With its the well-qualified and experienced teaching staff and extensive research facilities, Kastamonu University carries out projects meeting the society’s needs and shares cultural, artistic and sports activities with its students, members and the society.

Our aims as Kastamonu University are;

- To educate students who can accurately interpret, seek for and question knowledge and learn to learn, develop self-awareness, reach plausible results for the future by taking past and present into consideration and are devoted to the fundamental principles of The Republic and can look to future of The Great Turkey with confidence and hope.

- To train scientists producing publications in line with the scientific research methods and techniques and being a model in this area,

- To raise the quality of education,

- To develop scientific and technological researches,

- To strengthen the links between the university and the society,

- To educate students who internalize the cultural values and have social awareness.

Kastamonu University performing educational services under the framework of the Turkish Republic and principal values of the Turkish Nation has the potential to achieve these aims with its dynamism. I believe heartedly that we will reach our aims with our distinguished academic staff, administrative staff, residents of Kastamonu and the youth who love their country and nation.

The ultimate goal of Kastamonu University situated in a region with rich historical and cultural beauties is to become a world university. I kindly invite you to cooperate with us to reach this aim.


Prof. Dr. Seyit AYDIN