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2018-2019 Project Based International Exchange Program Call

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International Mail Art Project

The Project named “My hometown” which is about Turkey’s culture, art and nature is to...

International Students’ 2017-2018 Scholarships

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Social and cultural activities in Kastamonu University are performed both in university and in the faculties and school of higher education. In order for the students to spend their spare time in the best way, artistic activities are exhibited and amateur works are promoted and supervised. Works prepared and exhibited by the students are open to public. Spring festival and the Newroz festival are regularly celebrated in our university. During these festivals, students’ stand for sales and presentation, sports activities, movies and theatre shows, various contests, panels, conferences, symposiums, fashion shows and concerts attract many visitors.

In addition, Kastamonu University hosts entertainment programmes, concerts, exhibitions, movies, productions and other cultural activities throughout the year. Entertainment activities include musical and theatrical performances, folk dances and live concerts. The students can attend these activities free of charge. Cultural activities take place in the conference hall in Kuzeykent Campus.